As part of Princess Cruises' continuous commitment to service and innovation, we are pleased to introduce the new Princess eZAir® program. Princess eZAir offers real-time, competitively-priced flights that complement your cruise itinerary. It also offers Next Port Protection – something not offered by other major air booking websites. Benefits include:


Next Port Protection – We'll work with the airline to route you to the next appropriate port of call in the event of a flight delay or cancellation at no additional air cost to you. Although alternative flight arrangements are permitted, airlines have no responsibility to get you to the ship in the event of a canceled flight or delay. Avoid stress and potential extra air cost - travel with peace of mind when you book through Princess eZAir!


Immediate flight confirmations – Confirm flight schedule at the time of booking.


Two pricing options – Compare both pricing options (Flexible or Restricted) side-by-side.


Your ship accepts credit cards, cash, and travelers checks for payment of on-board extras such as alcohol, shore excursions, gift shop and boutique purchases. The ship is "cashless" aboard, where an imprint of your credit card or a cash deposit is taken at the beginning of your cruise. The last night you will receive a bill outlining your charges. If you are using a credit card your charges will be automatically billed to the card. If you are paying in cash, you must clear your account at the end of the cruise. This can be time consuming, so if possible, use a credit card as it is most convenient.


All tips for dining room personnel and room stewards have been included in your cruise package.


Other personnel, such as bar waiters, bellboys, and deck stewards may be tipped as service is rendered. Note that there is typically a 15% gratuity added to all bar tabs not covered under the complimentary drink program.


All cruise lines have cancellation penalties that are dependent on when you cancel - the closer to departure date the higher the penalty. Cancellation penalties are the amount not refunded if you cancel the cruise. Each cruise line has these penalties listed on your cruise application. Please read these carefully. You will receive a quote for cancellation/medical insurance with your cruise statement upon booking.


With visions of seascapes and sunsets and days spent in exciting ports-of-call, you may wonder if you will need a new wardrobe for your cruise. Cruise clothes are simply resort clothes and you'll need the same basic outfits that you wear at home when casual by day and off to cocktails and dinner in the evening.


For this cruise, you will want very casual and comfortable wear during the day. This means slacks, shorts, T-shirts and sweatshirts as well as comfortable walking/hiking shoes. In general you should dress moderately on shore and save the dressy clothes for the ship.


Your clothing should be of the type that requires little care. The ship offers dry-cleaning service and laundry facilities, however these can be somewhat expensive. No matter what part of the world you are sailing to, always pack a light sweater or wrap for the air conditioning on board, breezy evenings on deck or early arrivals in port. Light rain gear is also a good idea.


There are two types of attire required for evening functions aboard ship:

Formal nights - a tux or dark suit for the gentlemen and a dressy gown/pantsuit or dress for the ladies.

Casual nights - khakis and polo shirt or island/resort wear will be appropriate.


Please consult the cruise agenda you will receive about three months before sailing for specific dates and guidelines on evening attire.


Printing your boarding pass and luggage tags is fast and easy! Beginning 75 days prior to sailing, you can print your boarding pass and luggage tags once the booking is paid in full and we’ve been provided with all your passenger immigration information and credit card registration. Simply log-in via the cruise line web site to Cruise Personalizer® to access and print this information!


A passport will be required for each person joining this cruise. Please see Passport Requirements page for complete information.


You will be required to fill out a customs declaration on the morning of debarkation from the ship. This is not optional. This should be filled out completely (declaring whatever purchases you have made) and then given to the customs official as you debark the ship. Only one member per family will be required to fill out this form.


Cruise ships have truly become floating resorts, as more and more facilities are added to keep passengers healthy and happy. Today there are workout facilities with the latest exercise equipment, glamorous spas at sea, aerobics and other dance classes, whirlpools, saunas and massage therapy. In addition to the traditional shuffleboard, many ships offer table tennis, jogging tracks, basketball, paddle tennis, volleyball, golf ball driving and simulators.


Quiet areas abound. The library is a good place to start - you can browse through the latest best-sellers, or check one out to keep for the duration of your cruise. Bridge and Backgammon fans will want to find the card and game room. One of the staff will be happy to arrange some good competition for you.


If you intend to do nothing on board but find a nice watering hole, you're in the right place. There are plenty of locations on board and you should find a favorite spot in no time. You might enjoy a poolside bar or a piano bar.


All future correspondence will go to the address on your confirmation. Address changes must be received in writing. There is a booking number (99-xx) on your confirmation. Please write this number on all checks. It is helpful to include your ship and sail date on any correspondence. A good daytime phone number and email address is important if we need to reach you about your booking. Any changes in your reservation including category, number of people in cabin, names in cabin, additions & deletions to cabin, etc, MUST be received in WRITING.


Cabins that can accommodate third and fourth guests are subject to availability, and require a deposit for each person in the cabin. Triple and quad rates are for third and fourth passengers in the cabin travelling with two full-fare paying passengers.


Handicapped cabins are subject to availability, and are very limited in number. These cabins should only be utilized by those individuals who are confined to a wheelchair.


Our entire group will be booked in late dining. You may request early dining, however this seating will conflict with seminars and social events planned for the group. Everyone from the group will sit together in the dining room.


On this cruise, there will be table changes each night throughout the cruise. This is so that everyone has the opportunity to dine with other members from the group as well as featured speakers.


The elements are no friend to your camera. Sea spray can damage lenses and sand can cause irreparable damage to other parts of the camera. Use caution - don't leave your camera sitting out in the sun on deck or on the beach. We recommend that you bring along enough film, batteries and memory cards for the duration of your cruise. These items are more expensive on board or in port than at home.


This has become less of a problem during the past several years as all cruise ships are now equipped with stabilizers to lessen the roll of the ship. Once the ship is underway, these "wings" swing out into place and allow the ship to move smoothly through the ocean.


If you do have problems, try one of the following:


Dramamine or Bonine - These medications tend to make you drowsy. It is not a good idea to combine them with alcohol. Consult a physician about these medications and about other potential side effects.

Shots - Available from the ship doctor. These are for extreme cases of motion sickness and take effect very quickly. There is typically a $15 charge.

TransDerm Scop PatChes - See your doctor for a prescription for this product. Note that there are some side effects.

Sea Bands - A non-medicated method to alleviate motion sickness. The bands work under the principle of accupressure.

Relief Bands - Brand new technology, which relieves all forms of nausea. A unit which resembles a watch, sends a slight electrical charge through your system.


If you consider your cruise ship a floating resort that transports you from one port to another as an added bonus, everything will be placed in proper perspective. If you feel naked without your diamonds and emeralds, or a lot of cash on hand, then bring them along. But place all valuables in the safe in your cabin when not using them. This ship offers individual safes in each cabin.

Insurance for the group is provided through Princess.

Click here to visit their FAQ Page for more information.


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