You have enough to worry about while traveling. Unfortunately occasional emergencies do occur. That's why you should say, "I Travel Insured" when it comes to purchasing travel protection. Purchase travel protection for only a small percentage of your travel package price.


Age 0 - 49...............7% of the total price

Age 50 - 59.............8% of the total price

Age 60 - 69.............9% of the total price

Age 70 - 79.............12.5% of the total price


Trip Cancellation/Interruption

The amount of your trip you elected to protect up to $20,000 Per Person


Travel Delay (Including Missed Cruise Connections)

 Up to $500.00 Per Person


Emergency Medical/Dental

Up to $10,000.00 Per Person


Lost/ Stolen Baggage

Up to $1,000.00 Per Person


Baggage Delay

Up to $100.00 Per Person


Emergency MediCal Evacuation/Repatriation

Up to $20,000.00 Per Person


Emergency Reunion

 Up to $3,000.00 Per Person

     -Return of Dependent Children

     -Family Member Transportation to Hospital bedside

     -Lodging Allowance for Visitor while Hospitalized

     -Return of Rental Vehicle

     -Return of Remains back to Primary Residence



Travel protection provides you with the necessary coverage to help safeguard your travel "investment" from unforeseen circumstances such as:


Sudden and unexpected emergency illness or injury to you or a traveling companion or immediate family member causing you to cancel or interrupt your trip


Jury Duty


Job Layoff or Termination


Bankruptcy or Default of your airline, cruise line or a tour operator


And much more...


When you say, "I Travel Insured" you can relax and enjoy your vacation. If you need us, we're there for you. Here's a list of Important telephone numbers. (For fast service, please have your certificate number available)


While On Trip:

24/7 Emergency Travel Assistance

Call: 1-866-243-7524 (U.S./ Canada)


Collect: 01-317-655-9798 (Outside U.S./Canada)


For Claim Questions:

Call: 1-866-243-7524 (Monday-Friday)


For Policy Information:

Call iTravelInsured at 1-866-347-6673 (Monday-Friday)


For Questions About Your Trip:

Call: 1-800-707-1634 (Monday-Friday)

*If your travel plans change, please notify your travel agent immediately. Once under deposit, you may be subject to a travel supplier's or agent's cancellation policy as outlined in their brochure.

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